Activity 4

Garden Buddies
The Garden Buddy is such a sticky beak! He is going to help you learn about the plants in your life by having a sticky beak into your backyard and helping you observe and record what you find there. Your task is to make a Photo-Story presentation about what Garden Buddy found in your backyard..

You will be rostered to have Garden Buddy visit for two consecutive nights or for the weekend. The Garden Buddy would like to explore your home garden (or visit a friend or relative's garden, if you prefer).
When Garden Buddy is visiting, his Journal is available to record information such as:

  • the types of plants in your garden
  • how the plants are cared for
  • what jobs are done in the garden
  • activities that people do in the garden
  • a sketch of the garden
  • close-up photos of different parts of the plant, eg leaf, stem, flower, fruit, seed
  • photos of plants at different stages of a plant's life-cycle

Garden Buddy will have his 'travel pack' in which he keeps:

  • instructions for taking good care of him
  • a journal
  • a disposable camera

What does Garden Buddy look like? Here is a photo of him in Miss Tamblyn's garden. DSC00135.JPG

Photo-Story Task
Use the photos you took with Garden Buddy to make a Photo-Story. Read the notes you made in his journal out loud so you can record them in your Photo-Story presentation. Use the link below for hints on how to use Photo-Story.

photo story tutorial

or try this video

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