Six Hats Thinking
Let's reflect on our 'From Little Things Big Things Grow' project. We will do a think, pair, share activity to evaluate our project. Spend 5 minutes thinking about these questions on your own, 15 minutes discussing it with a partner and then share your ideas with the class. We will record what people say.
IconRedhat.jpgRed Hat: Emotions. Intuition, feelings and hunches. How do I feel about this right now?

IconYellowhat.jpgYellow Hat: Good points. Why is this worth doing? How will it help us? Why can it be done? Why will it work?

IconBlackhat.jpgBlack Hat: Bad points. Caution. Judgement. Assessment. Is this true? Will it work? What are the weaknesses? What is wrong with it?

IconGreenhat.jpgGreen Hat: Creativity. Different ideas. New ideas. Suggestions and proposals. What are some possible ways to work this out? What are some other ways to solve the problem?

IconWhitehat.jpgWhite Hat: Information. Questions. What information do we have? What information do we need to get?

IconBluehat.jpgBlue Hat: Organisation of thinking. Thinking about thinking. What have we done so far? What do we do next?