ReflectionCongratulations! You are well on the way to achieving what we imagined at the beginning of our learning journey. Our dreams of a school yard that we can eat are becoming a reality. From the little things we began with, we truly have allowed big things to grow.

Sometimes the most powerful and exciting part of learning is the questions we generate rather than the answers we find. Often we find that the more we know, the more there is to know. Hopefully this learning journey has stimulated your curiosity and opened new worlds and potential investigations for you. Ecology, habitats, mini-beasts and macro-invertebrates, eco-systems, permaculture, organics and cooking are all possibilities. How exciting!

Our class blog has been established and the wonderful work, photographs and comments you have made are published on the blog.

We can now share our learning journey and communicate our passion with the school community, other online gardening and environmental groups. Take a look at these links to other online garden scientists and communities.
The Edible School Yard
Kitchen Garden

Our last task is to evaluate the activities we have done and reflect on our learning journey.
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