From Little Thing Big Things Grow

This project is a cohesive series of lessons or mini-unit of work of which ICT is an integral part. In this series of lessons, ICT will be used for four main purposes:

  • Engage the students so that they are excited about learning, motivated and curious to learn more.
  • Use ICT as a tool for learning. ICT is not just a teaching tool or computer skill to be mastered. Instead it is a way to think, reflect, refine and apply knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • Use ICT to communicate and share our learning journey with our school community and make connections to the wider online gardening community.
  • Use ICT to provide students with rich experiences from which they can build knowledge, understanding and skills in a collaborative setting, ie constructivist approach.

We will use Bloom's Taxonomy as a tool to enhance meaningful learning. For example:
Knowledge: students will recognise and recall information, eg web-sites
Comprehension: students will understand the meaning of information, eg IWB activities
Application: students will use the information, eg apply to interactive on-line games, Photo-Story
Analysis: students will dissect information into its component parts to understand their relationships, eg Inspiration and Webspiration
Synthesis: students will put the components together to form new ideas, eg comic-life, clay-animation
Evaluation: students will judge the worth of an idea, eg blogs.

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