Activity 6
Plant Life Cycle

Your task during this learning journey was to be a scientist and discover how the plants that we eat grow and develop. By now you have completed your ‘fieldwork’ to observe, note and find out how real plants grow in the school yard, your own back garden and the Botanic Gardens. You have completed your research and developed your ideas and knowledge about where the food we eat comes from and how it grows.

Your task in this activity is to reflect on your knowledge and create a presentation to demonstrate what you have learnt.

Inspiration Concept Map
Work with a partner to brainstorm and record what you have learnt about plants. Put as much detail in your concept map as you can. You can use text, sound, pictures and photos.

Look back over your samples of work, journal, photos and things that have been published on our Class Gardening Blog. You can go back and visit some of the web-sites and interactive activities we have done.

Use the following headings to help you remember:where food comes from
edible plants
the parts of a plant and their function
the life-cycle of flowering plants
what plants need to grow.

Comic Life
Use the information you put in the Inspiration concept map and the pictures/ photos on the file server to build a Comic Life strip to present the information you have learnt.
Check the assessment rubric so you know what is expected of you.

If you need help with comic life, try this video
Or watch this you-tube tutorial

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