Activity 3

What Parts of a Plant Do We Eat?

Let's Get Creative!

Vege Man
Have you seen the advertisement on TV by Rolf Harris? Rolf Harris is encouraging us to eat 5 serves of vegetables and 3 serves of fruit a day. He has made up some funny pictures using fruit and vegetables.
Let’s take a look and then make our own faces on this web-site.
Click and drag fruit and vegetables to create a face



Look at this painting ‘Summer’ by Giuseppe Arcimboldo which was painted in 1573. Click on the picture to see a larger version. The painting is about 450 years old! Can you work out what vegetables are in the painting? Have a go at working out what you can find using this activity sheet.
click and drag arcimboldo.doc
In Art today, we will draw pictures of fruit and vegetables.
Your task is to cut out the pictures and use them to make a collage. Your collage will look like a face. After you have completed your vegetable man face, we will publish them on our blog.

Make a salad using every part of a plant (leaf, root, stem, flower, fruit, seeds and nuts).

Write the ingredients for your salad and record what part of the plant you have used.

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