Activity 1

Where Does Food Come From?

Take a look in your lunchbox to see what you have to eat. Where did that food come from? Our task today is to trace the source of our food. Food comes from plants or animals. Can you work out what parts of your lunch came from a plant and which parts came from an animal?
Have you heard about the Spaghetti Tree?
Watch this clip to find out more.


Work with a partner to discuss what you saw in the video. Record your ideas in the spaghetti tree recording sheet.doc and save it in your file. We will collect all the ideas and put them together in one document.

Go to Interactive games for 'Where Does Food Come From?'
Go to Challenge Page for 'Where Does Food Come From?'

Now that you have explored some web-sites and discussed your ideas with a partner, it is time to look in your lunchbox.
Make a group of 3 people and show each other what is in your lunchbox.
See if you can list the items in your lunchbox under the headings, PLANT, ANIMAL, NOT SURE. Use sorting lunchbox food.doc to record your ideas.
Afterwards, you will share your ideas with the class. We will record your ideas using the Interactive Whiteboard.

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