Activity 3
What Parts of a Plant Do We Eat?
I wonder if you know what part of a plant you are eating? Different parts of a plant have a different function. Your task today is to work out what parts of a plant we might eat. You will create artwork and edible goodies using as many different parts of a plant as possible.

Mystery Bag
How brave are feeling today?
I have a bag of plants with me today. Are you brave enough to choose something from the bag while you are blind-folded, eat the plant and then tell me what you think it is?
While you are eating, the rest of the class will try to work out what you are eating and what part of a plant it is.

Sort It Out
Have a look at the pictures of plants that we can eat on the Interactive Whiteboard.
Can you name all the plants?
What part of the plant are they? Leaf, root, stem, flower, fruit, seed or nut.
Let’s drag the pictures into the correct columns.
If you have trouble, there are some hints here: edible plants.doc

Click on the link below to go to an interactive activity to learn about what the function of the different parts of a plant.
Parts of a Plant

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