Activity 2
How Do Plants Grow?

Our task today is to look at the life-cycle of a plant and work out how a plant grows from a seed. We will use the book 'Leaf' written by Stephen Michael King to help us. You will sequence the life-cycle of a plant and explain how a plant grows.

What a Jumble!
All the pictures from ‘Leaf’ have been jumbled up.
Our task is to use the Interactive Whiteboard to sequence the pictures in the correct order. Before we do the activity as a class, have a go at re-arranging the pictures for yourself. Work with a partner to move the pictures into the correct sequence. Click leaf sequence activity.docfor the pictures.

You’re the Voice
The story ‘Leaf’ has no words. Your next task is to add the words. Work together with a partner or in a small group. Plan how you will explain your picture from the story.
We will record what you say and link it to the pictures we sequenced together on the Interactive Whiteboard.

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