How to Make Your School Taste Good


School grounds are usually pretty boring. Boring concrete, asphalt, bark-chips and grass.

Imagine what it would be like if you could eat your school.

Imagine grapes climbing up on the verandah posts.

Imagine passionfruit growing on the fence.

Imagine sitting under a shady tree and peering up to see juicy mulberries.

Imagine radishes that are as brightly coloured as Easter Eggs.

Imagine a handful of leaves that smell like chocolate, lime and spices.

Imagine that you could actually watch a plant change from a seed to a seedling, to a tree, or a vine and then begin to flower and fruit.

Imagine us building that dream.

Join us on a learning journey to discover the wonders of how plants grow. You will have the opportunity to take on a variety of roles; scientist, gardener, chef, artist, journalist and of course, eat the results of your learning.


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